Angela Corey for State Attorney
Angela Corey, Republican for State Attorney - Fourth Judicial Circuit

Corey Family

Angela’s beloved parents were both born and raised in Jacksonville. Her father, Tom, Jr., grew up in the Fairfield area of downtown Jacksonville where his parents, Tom, Sr. and Jennie, operated Corey’s Supermarket for over 40 years. The store, first located at State and Broad Streets, was then relocated to Fairfield Place & Haines Street. Tom worked for JEA for 27 years, retiring as the Director of Customer Service. He was active in the Blue Lodge Masons, Scottish Rite Masons, and the Morroco Temple Shriners. He is a past Worshipful Master of Temple Lodge #23 in Jacksonville. Tom worked for the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair for 51 years. He has been a parishioner of the St. Johns Episcopal Cathedral for 70 years. Tom and his wife of 54 years, Lorraine live in San Souci on Jacksonville’s Southside. They are very active in the Salaam, Molaka, and Syrian Ladies Clubs, all social charitable clubs.

Corey FamilyLorraine Lewis Corey was born and raised in Jacksonville. She grew up in Oceanway on Jacksonville’s Northside where some of her family still lives today. Lorraine’s mother, Mary Bachara Lewis, was very involved in local politics and volunteered for fifty years at the Oceanway precinct. Lorraine’s father, Tony Lewis, had grocery stores and businesses in downtown Jacksonville where Lorraine worked while in school. In addition to raising their five children, Lorraine was the Cathedral Hostess at St. John’s Cathedral for a time and also was a manager for Catherine’s Stout Shop for 20 years. After retirement, Lorraine became active with Cerebral Palsy of Northeast Florida. She is extremely active at the Cathedral and enjoys all aspects of her church work.

Susan Corey worked for JEA for 30 years. Susan is a graduate of the University of Florida. She is retired and lives on Jacksonville’s Southside. She is a volunteer with the St. Mary’s mission and arranges flowers at the Cathedral and is active with her Englewood Alumni group.

Tom Corey worked for Jacksonville based Winn-Dixie for 27 years. He is married to Tammie Stoner Corey of Nassau County. They have two wonderful children Thomas and Renee who attend public school here in Jacksonville. Tom is an entrepreneur who owns several local businesses, including the newly opened restaurant Big T's Grill & Tavern.

Cathy Corey has had careers in printing and accounting and now owns a facilities management business in Jacksonville. Cathy bleeds orange and blue for her beloved Gators.

Marlo Corey Hunt is married to Patrick Hunt of Orange Park. They have one precious daughter, Abigail. Marlo, a graduate of FSU, worked for Merrill Lynch for eight years and is currently an administrator at the Cathedral School in downtown Jacksonville.

Angela is also very proud of her large, extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins, all of whom were born and raised in the Jacksonville area, and who are and continue to be active in numerous Jacksonville businesses and community activities.

This is truly a family that has persevered in good works and amassed an abundance of blessings.



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